_ @ExtravagantMuse
Extravagant Muse is a team of Mad, Creative minds who want to wow the world. They decided to make videos of everything in art. Ranging from Music fests, Backstage, Paintings, Graffiti, Comedy, Galleries, and whole lot more. Them just start.
Pitching their tenth with a Simple Data Collection clip as their first public work, Extravagant Muse has come out with a clip titled “Extravagant Muse 01.1” staring MJW.
In their words:
“In this, we explore the inherent behavior of the 21st century Nigerian ladies. Age-ranged 20 to 30. Bringing to the fore the ingrained consciousness molded by popular standards, tradition, religion, and moral statutes.”
In this clip, MJW walks in the streets asking girls for a Kiss. See hillarious reactions of Nigerian girls to MJW asking them for Kiss!
This is funny and very Nice.  Watch & Enjoy