It is almost time for the big Valentine holiday! And spending quality time together on holiday is always going to be a fulfilling experience. But flying with kids can be difficult, a tantrum-throwing child can make a flight from Lagos to Abuja which is usually 1hr 15mins feel like 4 hours, here are some apps you can download on your device to keep your child entertained.

1) Netflix

Exploring the best family movies on Netflix for kids just got a whole lot easier! Netflix is your ultimate guide to family movies, keeping your child entertained with the best new T.V. shows and kids’ movies that is available. For $9.99 monthly, you can download movies to your phone to tablet and watch later without internet usage. | Download Netflix

2) LumiKids

This app introduces sorting by color, shape, and size, visual-motor coordination, and more to toddlers. Your little ones will take to this app with ease because it has no complicated text or voice-over instructions, and the game constantly adapts to your child’s ability level, keeping him challenged but never frustrated. | Download Lumikids


3) Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer

Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer is a kids’ app that lets children playfully explore the planets, stars, and constellations. The app can be played in English or in Spanish. | Download Ready Jet Go

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4) Peg + Cat: The Tree Problem

This is an interactive, mathematical reasoning-based game. Cat keeps getting stuck in trees, so kids must build bridges or steps for Cat to jump down and into Peg’s waiting arms | Download Peg + Cat : Tree Problem

5) Subway Surfers

Like most endless runner games, there’s a common plot to Subway Surfers. You run, trying to dodge capture and obstacles, swiping up to jump or down to slide. Swiping side to side lets you switch tracks as you run. | Download Subway Surfers

6) Fish School

Fish School exposes your child to important concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, and more. Brightly colored schools of fish form letters, shapes, and the numbers 1–20, and your child can make the fish swim and do funny things with a simple touch and drag. | Download Fish School

7) King Of Karts

King of Karts has all the elements of a fun racing game: challenging course designs, easy controls, and great graphics. It has a bit of cartoonish mischief as racers try to sabotage each other with various power-ups: from rubber balls that can be lobbed at other racers to crayon scribbles that temporarily obscure windshields. Overall, it’s great fun for everyone. | Download King Of Karts

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