The next 10 minutes that you will spend reading this post will forever increase your monthly wage. Forget everything you’ve read about writing a resume. The only important thing is to know how to bring your resume in line with the expectations of your potential employer.

Therefore, we will give you 5 purely logical and effective pieces of advice!

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Hack #1 : Combine several workplace into one Experience

It is considered normal if a person works in one company for 2-3 years. If he or she changes jobs more often, this person can be called a job hopper. Recruiters are not crazy about this type of job-seekers.

In such cases, try making it look as one work place, with one name and common work dates. Show the job changes as the changes of posts, but try doing this so that the reader of the resume doesn’t notice the frequent change of workplaces at first glance.

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Hack #2 : Follow an example from a Landing Page

You have probably seen them on the Internet. Try to craft your resume like one of these excellent ones.

A good resume is interesting to read, it makes the reader want to finish reading it up to the end. Each phrase in it reinforces the desire to buy it. It is also very simple and easy to navigate (has sections).

Hack #3 : Accentuate the most important points for the recruiter

The recruiter will not normally read every resume thoroughly; his glance will jump to the main blocks in search of the keywords that interest him.

Therefore, make an accent on photos, education, the most important jobs and positions as well as your achievements and the period of work in one place.

Hack #4 : Customize your resume for your profession

Each profession requires different types of resumes. The task of each resume type is to show what is most important for the profession.

Thus, for example, for selling professions it is important to show how you earned money for the company. Technical and IT professions require demonstrating your different skills and knowledge while the recruiters for marketing jobs will be interested in completed projects, etc.

Hack #5 : Show your success to the recruiter

Your resume must include your achievements at each workplace. If the names of the positions and companies that you worked for do not demonstrate your moving up the career ladder – show this in the description of your duties and achievements.

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And finally bear in mind: your resume is not your ticket for an interview! Rather it is a banknote that you can use to buy yourself an opportunity to work in the company of your dream!


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