The ‘Avril is dead’ conspiracy theory is back again, and this time it’s making serious waves on Social media.

Twitter user @givenchyass shared her almost-convincing theory (if you’re gullible enough) – which claims that Canadian Rock singer, Avril Lavigne died more than a decade ago and what we have now is a doppelganger. The tweets have since gone viral.

According to her, Avril committed suicide in 2003, after a long battle with depression which resulted from her grandfather’s death and her inability to continue dealing with fame. She was then replaced by lookalike, Melissa Vandella, who the singer had originally employed to play her on occasions where she just didn’t feel like dealing with the attention.

Supposed photo of the real Avril and the ‘fake’ one

Either Twitter users actually believe this theory or they just find the story so amusing, they can’t resist sharing, as the tweets have been retweeted more than a 100k times and still counting.

See for yourself below and decide whether you believe or not

Pointing out changes in voice, style of music, looks, hair, stance, birthmarks, facial features and thousands other attributes, the determined conspiracy theorist did her best to convince other users that the Avril we see today is not the same one that thrilled us back in the early 2000s.

So instead of letting news of her death break, her record label instead continued to use her lookalike as they already had recordings of her second album, which according to the conspiracy theorists, successfully fooled the entire world.

And she went on and on and on with more ‘convincing’ updates – provided by other believers of the outrageous theory – that were bound to undoubtedly convince the most jaded mind.


Yes Melissa, maybe it’s time to finally confess and let us ‘mourn’ our dear Avril once and for all.

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