Smartphones have an annoying tendency of running out of battery juice at the exact time when you need to make/accept that very important call.

That could be a thing of the past after a couple of scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle whipped up what is the first phone that can make a call without a battery.

Sounds too good to true? They have a prototype that kinda works.

So how the heck were they able to pull this off?

The prototype works by harvesting the energy from the surrounding. TV and Wi-Fi signal can be converted can be absorbed by the phone and be used by the antenna. Same applies to ambient light, it can be harvested by mini solar panels and converted into energy to make a call that could save someone’s life.

The whole concept is inspired by the Soviet spy technology and the team behind the project are optimistic that they will be able to go commercial with the idea.

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The phone still has a long way to go before it can become fully usable. It will be interesting to see how the project will progress as after all, the benefits of such a device are immense.

Here is the Source (WIRED) of info.