Let’s admit it! ;

“Getting customers to your business is very hard!!”

And it is more difficult for SMEs with little or no marketing budget.

You’ve done everything right. You’ve successfully launched your product and you are ready to “FLY“. If only it was that easy

Day 1 : Zero customers

Day 2 : Zero customers

Day 3 : Zero customers


Day 50 : 1 Customer

You have contacted all the “Big Blogs” and everyone is charging ridiculous amount.
“They want to send you back to your village.”


What if i told you there’s a website where you can advertise your business and reach over 300,000 people every month without breaking the bank. Would that interest you?

NetXpress.com.ng is giving advertisers the opportunity to promote their business and service at a low cost. We are the biggest technology website in Nigeria with well over 300,000 visitors and 600,000 pageviews every month.

Why should you do business with us?

In November 2016 , we generated over 48 million Naira in sales revenue for a certain e-commerce website in Nigeria. We also generated 4 million naira sales revenue for another e-commerce business in Nigeria that month.
We are the most visited Technology website in Nigeria
We have a high percentage of returning visitors (41.9%)
What type of promotion do we accept ?

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I’m ready to Advertise. What should i do?

Great!. Send us an e-mail : info@netxpress.com.ng

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