Curved monitors are great for gaming. Acer’s been making them for a while, going back to the 35-inch Predator Z35 from 2015. Now the company has announced the Predator Z35P, an updated version of the Z35 that offers even better resolution than the original, as first spotted by AnandTech.

The new Predator Z35P still has a 35-inch curved display, but it measures in at an incredible 3440 x 1440 resolution, up from the 2560 × 1080 of its predecessor. The new Z35P also tones down the design language a bit, with a thinner, more minimalist stand that mostly ditches the bright-red plastic color scheme.

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The rest of the specs make the Z35P similarly great for gaming: a 4-millisecond response time, 300 nit maximum brightness, and support for Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. The only downside is the refresh rate, which is set to 100 Hz by default. And while TFT Central reportsthat users can overclock that to 120 Hz if they’d like, it’s still lower than the 200 Hz that the original Z35 could pull off.

The Predator Z35P is available for preorder now from Amazon for $1,099.99 with a shipping estimate of “one to three weeks.”