The rave about the speed of 4G LTE network has been on for a while and with the mass adoption of 4G network by Telcos in Nigeria , it is important to know the basics , how it affects our use of the Internet and how its speed compares to earlier generation.

The major aim of 4G LTE is to allow internet users enjoy more reliable and faster broadband on tech gadgets that are 4G LTE enabled

What is 4G LTE?

4G LTE simply means  Fourth (4TH) Generation Long Term Evolution of wireless networks. 4G technology offers IP-based data, multimedia and voice streaming at speeds as fast as ten times that of 3G networks.

Facts about 4G LTE network :

  • A 4G LTE network has an IP base which makes for easier integration and is cost efficient
  • The high network capacity is as a result of high spectrum efficiency
  • 4G LTE offers better and higher data speed (bandwidth). The broadband speed , when compared to the 3G network , is on a more efficient level.
  • It has Capabilities of future-proofing and backward compatibility
  • 4G LTE has improved network responsiveness. This means lower idle-to-active periods and low latency.

    Capabilities of 4G LTE Wireless Network :

    All over the world , mobile operators have extensively advertised the advantages of 4G LTE but it is important we know that the benefits of this network standard are beyond its speed.

    Although 4G networks can be as much as 10 times faster than its 3G counterpart, focusing on just the speed as an advantage means we maybe unaware of other important but subtle benefits. They include :

    • Sound quality

    Audio quality is one of the areas that 4G brings about impressive improvement. The broadband power offers an extremely high audio quality that makes communication even more enjoyable. You wouldn’t feel like using narrow band quality networks ever again after testing a 4G network.


    •  IP switch

    Previous network version of cellular networks have all been circuit switched but in this case, LTE deals with only IP. This accounts for stability of the network when connected to the internet without any disruption.


    • Better live communication :

    The IP-based network makes it possible to enjoy a truly collaborative and unified communication. Tools for collaboration including clear videos, streaming media, IM, social networks on mobile gadgets become more flexible and efficient to use with the 4G LTE network standard.

    • Better network administration :

    Maintaining legacy networks like the 2G and 3G is way expensive than maintaining an IP-based network like the 4G LTE network. A circuit switching network (2G and 3G) stays in place when a call is established whether or not people are talking but a 4G LTE network is so dynamic that it allows for resources to be shared more effectively than  a circuit switching network.


    Pros and Cons of 4G LTE network :

    As one of the fastest developing mobile communications systems in the world, the 4G LTE not only offers extremely fast connectivity to millions of users but can also be deployed as an enabler for enterprise network connectivity for both small and medium businesses. Below are pros and cons of the 4G LTE network.



    • First and foremost, it has very fast speed of about 10 times that of 3G networks.
    • It has a higher bandwidth and offers very high voice quality.
    • The 4G LTE network doesn’t throttle and it is very stable without disruptions
    • Downloading huge files from the Internet or over a wireless network is extremely fast.
    • It provides service-driven services because there is better spectral efficiency.
    • The dynamic nature of the network allows for better call admission and scheduling control/techniques.
    • You can easily access the internet, social networks, video calling, streaming media, IM and many more. Whatever it is you want to do online, the experience you enjoy is clear and bright.



    • If you want to tap into the numerous advantages of the 4G LTE network, you’ll have to get a new device if your current device isn’t 4G lte enabled
    • It consumes so much battery and data whenever in use
    • When the 4G LTE data network is used for so long, the phone becomes hot



    Since cellular data is increasingly becoming a part of many people’s daily lives, we can only expect that its coverage will continue to rise as new and higher technological devices hit the shelves.

    Another major reason why we and so many other people are excited about the 4G LTE network and device capability is its speed. The ability to access the Internet in a quicker, richer and more efficient way opens new frontiers of possibilities for personal and business lives. So be sure to take part in the rave.

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